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FOREO Luna Mini 1

In the following posts I will start sharing a couple of things I religiously do to keep my skin in a good state, as I received a lot of compliments on how my skin looks right now and I’ve also been asked to share my skincare routine.

So, as part of my skincare routine and to be completely honest as per usual, I’ve been in and out of using this Foreo Luna Mini face cleansing device for over a year now. And I’m saying “in and out” because after the first weeks of using it daily, I completely hated it because it managed to pull out all the dirt in the deepest layers of my skin and bring it to the surface in the form of some monstrosities…

[ I was literally growing an entire Solar System of awfully painful and ugly to look at pimples, all on my face for everyone to see them! It felt like some of them were big enough to get their own address, number and zip code!… ( pardon me if the description was, oh well!… too descriptive!!! ) ]

… Process which later I acknowledged as “purging” and which was completely new to me, since I haven’t suffered from major breakouts or acne ever in my life… Not even as a teenager!

Imagine the shock?! Imagine the horror!?

Lucky me I have good skin that given the right treatments cures itself in a blink of an eye, so after a while I started using my Foreo Luna Mini again, twice a week this time and being more careful about how I cleaned it and of course, how and where I stored it. So in the end the breakouts weren’t an issue anymore – except for the occasional, hormonal, PMS ones we all ladies have to deal with, unfortunately!

FOREO Luna Mini 2

One word on the Foreo Luna Mini now.

As described on their website, the “The LUNA™ mini is a vibrant, palm-sized skincare device that delivers deep yet gentle facial cleansing via innovative T-Sonic™ technology. The ergonomic 3-zone facial brush is designed for all skin types.” It “combines a low-frequency pulsation with soft, silicone brushes to give your skin a daily facial. Perfect for increasing the absorption of skin care products and combating the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines” ( lookfantastic.com ).

FOREO Luna Mini 3image

Leaving all the “tekkies deets” aside, what I can tell you from my own experience is that this is the softest and most gentle cleansing device I have ever used to cleanse my highly sensitive and reactive skin. A brush cleansing device was often times harsher and did an unsatisfactory job, but with the Foreo Luna Mini I had and still have the most pleasing cleansing experience everytime I use it! It leaves the skin feel so soft and clean, and all the products I use in the following steps of my skincare routine absorb really fast into the skin!

I only recommend using it with foaming cleansers like the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser though, as balm cleansers like the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm or the Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm are too dense, they stick to the silicon bristles and they’re a nightmare to clean after every usage. I highly recommend a responsible cleanse after every usage, for all the hygenic reasons, you know what I’m talking about.

What I also love about the Luna Mini is that it has a timer which lets you know with a pause when you have to change the surface on your face you need to clense. So, so easy to use!

I also love it because it is so dinky and cute and it come is such pretty colours! Well, I should’ve got mine in pink, but being the boring person that you all know that I am, I went for this grey, neutral shade. But after all, I’m more interested in the great results I’m getting after using it, than in its aesthetics.

I will definitely share more details from my skincare routine, including products I’m using and other devices and some tips, of course, in the following posts! 

In the meanwhile, please share your favourite cleansing tools, here!… I would love to know about them!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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