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The URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Concealer Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is one of those products I ended up purchasing because of the hype it got in our beauty community!

[ It actually took me quite some time to buy it, mainly because I couldn’t find an actual match online before Urban Decay launched here, in Romania and when I could finally swatch it in person at one of their counters. Then there’s also, my NARS Radiand Creamy Concealer which is pure perfection – here I am, another beauty blogger that compares the two!?!?!!!! Can’t help it since it’s: perfect shade Light2 Vanilla, perfect consistency, behaves exceptionally throughout the entire wearing time… Probably the best I have used to date! ]

So of course, I was curious to know what all the hype was about!…

UD Naked Skin NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer annie's beauty... 2

For a Neutral shade, Light Neutral has definitely a lot more peachy-pink undertones, and it’s warmer than I expected! Don’t get me wrong! It does work wonders at hiding those dark circles after a “long” night out, or if you didn’t get enough sleep for whatever reason! And I sure know what I’m talking about…

As for the formulation the Naked Skin Concealer is more liquid and runny in consistency than the Creamy Concealer from NARS, and I found myself often in the situation of applying too much thinking it was the same quantity I usually applied from my NARS one. Well, it was too much indeed and nothing to say – it did blended like a dream, but it somehow gave me that unnatural appearance, which I’m not very found of!

Not to mention that after a couple of hours I could clearly see it gather and settle in all those “wonderful” lines around my eyes, ageing me, with all my efforts of remediating it with powder!

Attention! I never carried powder with me before starting using this!

One more thing! Again, because of its consistency I also find it kind of messy… Might sound weird, but every single darn time I open it, there have to be little drops of product that find it amusing to fly all-over my vanity, mirror, my silk blouse, etc. … Not that I’m not clumsy and things like this don’t happen on a daily basis! But… just saying!

UD Naked Skin NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer annie's beauty... 3

Here you have the Naked Skin Concealer swatched near the Radiant Creamy Concealer! Notice the difference in shade ( which of course, its the most obvious! ), but also the difference of consistency! The NARS one is lighter, creamier and brightening, while the Naked one is more about concealing… and that would be it!

Take note that it definitely does an amazing job at concealing… But mainly for the eye area/issues! For the rest of the face you’ll definitely need a stronger one, like NARS!

One more thing I just remembered! Once the Urban Decay Nakes Skin concealer dries completely, it does change its colour a bit, and you definitely need to wait for it to set for a couple of minutes before locking it in with powder!

Works well applied with my Tom Ford #03 Eyeshadow and Concealer Brush, but I definitely need to go over with my mini Beauty Blender ( so cuuute?!?! ) after that for a smoother application and to take away the eventual excess of product, but I get the best application by using my own fingers!


  • I wanted to keep this review as far as I could from all the technical details ( shade descriptions, formulation, ingredients, etc. ), I just wanted to share with you my most genuine thoughts about it!
  •  I definitely like this UD Concealer and I will continue using it, but I’m still considering wether I’ll repurchase another one or not… when I already placed an order for my Creamy Concealer – I simply cannot live without it!
  • the NARS Creamy Concealer is more versatile, has a better range of colours to choose from and I love it being “creamy” more than the “liquid” consistency of the Naked Skin
  • I’m happy to have purchased and tried the Naked Skin, now I can tell there’s a difference between the two and know what works best for me…

That doesn’t mean it will have to be the same for you, Beautiful! Maybe you absolutely hate the NARS Creamy Conceler and love the Urban Decay Naked! To each their own!

If you tried any of these two, please let me know what you thing about them in the Comments section below! I’m I applying the Naked Skin wrong?

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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