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The fact I’m going to expose next, I’m absolutely positive happened to all of us at least once, at a certain point in our lives!

So… You went into your favourite perfumery, fell head over heels for a certain perfume, and since you couldn’t imagine life without wearing it everyday, you had to bring it home with you! Such a happy kid you were! But when you spritz it on, guess what?!… It disappeared before you knew it! “What you did wrong?!”, you start asking yourself… “Where did it went?!” That’s going to be another unsolved mystery!…

Or maybe not! Because I’m going to try to explain in “poor words” what actually happened!

First of all, my lovelies, perfumes are made out of volatile essences, ingredients which in contact with our skin are activated, and become… well!… volatile, what do you know!?!?!?! ( for those who didn’t knew, the root of the word “Volatile traces back to the Latin verb volare, which means “to fly” – according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary ). So bye-bye, perfume!

The main “culprit”, responsible for this unhappy event always happening, is actually the “heat” of our own body… Which is also influenced by a handful of factors: weather, temperature, blood pressure, food… Yes, food! It is well known that meat eaters have a body temperature a bit higher that vegetarians, that’s why the same perfume smells differently on different persons!

It’s what’s called “different PH”! But in fact, it’s all about chemistry!

So, here’s what you need to do for your perfumes to last longer on you:

  1. make sure you apply perfume after a shower or a long bath! Scents last longer on moist skins, “when all your pores are opened”. So feel free to dose yourself in perfume after drying off with your towel, but before you’re getting dressed!
  2. place a couple of spritzes “strategically”. The “hottest points ” of your body are the ones you should apply your perfume on: neck, behind your ears, inside of your elbows, cleavage, stomach, back of your knees… Be careful though when you tend to slather yourself in perfume… It’s kind of essential for other people to still breathe while you’re around! No need to cover all there areas either, the most recommended are: back of your ears, inside of your elbows and knees, areas that favor evaporation, so the fragrance will be released continuously throughout the day!
  3. DON’T “rub” your fragrance! You’ll only heat the area and “break” the particles of fragrance in smaller divisions, which will volatilize even faster.
  4. double your perfume with a body lotion with the same scent!
  5. use your perfume in your hair… also sparingly, because perfume can be drying!… and you know, people need to breathe… still!…
  6. look after your perfumes! Make sure you deposit them in proper storage conditions, away from light and heat, which will cause them to break down sooner than expected! And by no means, don’t keep your perfumes in the shower!
  7. my favourite “trick”: layer your perfumes! Make your favourite scent smell even better by combining  softer, airy scents with strong and longer-lasting ones ( just an example! )! Like that you’ll give them body, make them last longer and why not, create your own perfume that will only smell like… YOU! Be unique!
  8. feel free to take your favourite perfume with you and freshen up during the day! for that you have perfume atomisers and perfumes perfume refills with their own fancy cases check some options here and here, like my MFK Amyris Femme photographed above.

annie's beauty... TRAVALO

How many of these “tricks and tips” were new to you, Beautiful? Do you have other ones to share with me?

Until next time…

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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