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Loving nudes #12 1

#Loving nudes times 12!

This time is a different one from the usual nude discoveries! This time I want to call to your attention these two lovely shades, extremely similar not only in colour, but in both texture and finish! What makes the difference it’s only the brand they’re labelled under, which obviously dictates the packaging the product comes in…

One is an all-time favourite of mine, the Tom Ford Lip Color in 07 Pink Dusk and the other one ir a fairly recent discovery and it’s the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy 210 Implulsive.

So, yeah! They’re definitely luxury dupes for one another! 

Loving nudes #12 2

As you can hopefully see in the pictures above, both come in this beautifully universal nude-pink shade, one of the creamiest formulation I have ever tried, amazing pigmentation and a finish that in our beauty world we call a creamy luminous matte, something between a matte and a cream, but with a bit of luminosity given not by quite some sparkle or a glossy finish, but a luminosity that “comes from within” – if you prefer more of a prosaic expression… They even have the same vanillary scent!

The application of both is so smooth and easy, you won’t have issues with applying either one if you’re on the go and you need to touch up a bit. They literally glide onto the lips, nourishing them with the amazing ingredients both have in their composition ( a blend of beneficial oils and natural extracts ). Both last a good couple of hours on the lips, but they need some retouching now and then!

To see how Pink Dusk and Impulsive look swatched and compared to other nudes in my collection ( which, by all mean, aren’t a few! just a fair warning! ), make sure you check these complete reviews I previously wrote here and here.

Great luxury options, right?! And how unbelievably similar they are!?

I know how hard is to find a dupe for an already excellent product!… What dupes like mine here, have you discovered this far? Please share them in the Comment section below! I’m extremely curious to discover your finds!

I hope you had an awesome weekend this far and that you’ll have a bright week ahead!

As always thanks for reading and see you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie


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