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annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 1

I really think that no matter how many of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar “Color-Fix” Cream Eye Shadow I might have in my collection, I will always consider that they’re not enough!

The By Terry Ombre Blackstar Fard Fondant Regard ( oh, how cute they sound in French!!! ) have really summed up my eyeshadow use for the first half of the past year! But then at the beginning of the summer a new entry stole my entire attention – the Limited Edition Tom Ford Cream and Powder Color 03 Golden Peach, which after all this time I’m still using as an eye makeup base!

annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 2

Bach to the stars of this post now!

I have them in:

  • 3 Blond Opal – a beautiful luminous, pure gold, summery shade which makes such an impact on tanned skin! It’s my absolute favourite golden shade to use for the inner corners of my eyes, to bring some brightness and dimension.
  • 5 Misty Rock is probably the most known and talked about from all the OBS! It’s the perfect balance of taupe, purples and metallic… Such an effortless everyday colour! I have a swatch comparison for Misty Rock with some other taupes in my makeup collection here; but as you can easily see if you click the link, it somehow manages to stand out from all of them!
  • 6 Frozen Quartz is the most recent addition to the collection and it’s a beautiful peachy pink, luminous colour that looks so so flattering on all eyes. You’ll see more of it soon!
  • 11 Beyond Gold is a warm, metallic intense, deep gold which compliments a tan to perfection. One swipe of this on the lids a little blending and you’re done for the day!
  • 13 Brown Perfection is the most neutral of all the shades that I own! It’s a deep, true, dark chocolate shade that’s essential in the crease. If the other shades of the OBS I own have a high sheen to them, Brown Perfection is almost matte but with a beautiful luminosity, still…

annie's beauty... By Terry Ombre Blackstar Blond Opal, Misty Rock, Frozen Quartz, Beyond Gold, Brown Perfection 3

Here you have them swatched side by side… From bottom to top: 3 Blond Opal11 Beyond Gold5 Misty Rock, 6 Frozen Quartz, and 13 Brown Perfection.

Aren’t they beautiful!?

It’s true that these aren’t the only shadow sticks on the market! It’s also true that they aren’t the most unique shades either… But I have to admit that these come in  my absolute favourite formula from all the brands that I have tried!

I absolutely adore using cream eyeshadows when the weather gets hot ( we’re not quite there yet here, in Romania but we’re definitely getting closer, thank goodness! ) and these By Terry shadow sticks are incredibly creamy, pigmented, long lasting, come with the most amazing consistency and in the most beautiful range of colours one can ask for! One more thing! Once applied and set, they won’t be transferring anywhere on your face, no matter how hot and humid the weather is, or how oily your eyelids are! With just one swipe, they will literally glide on the lids, leaving behind the most beautifully pigmented trace of colour, that you can easily bring to the intensity you wish, using your favourite blending brush!

They’re excellent for the “one-product-eye-makeup-look” which all of us prefer, from various reasons! But layered, in one colour for a maximum of intensity or several shades combined, will give you a really chic eye, with a minimum of effort!

So happy to have finally been able to post this complete review on my little collection of By Terry Ombre Blackstar eye crayons! I’ve been using them for such a long time and at a certain point I started thinking that I’m completely selfish and that I’m keeping them only for my personal pleasure!…

But no! Here you have them! And I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experience with them as well!

As always, thanks for reading, Beautiful! And…

See you soon!

xx, Annie






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