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Miss Charlotte sure does know how to make a girl happy!

After the announcement of the new Hot Lips line of lipsticks launching at the beginning of this summer ( see all the new shades and all the details you need, here ) and the #lipstick confidence campaign a while back, Charlotte Tilbury has a couple more new and exciting brand new products launching soon as well!


This is the new The 5-Minute Face On-The-Go – the “instant look in a palette”. This is a very compact palette, made out of Charlotte Tilbury‘s most selled/essential products… And I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that if you haven’t tried her Filmstar Bronze & Glow ( one of my favourite bronzing and highlighting products; my review here ), you can find it here along with three gorgeous eyeshadows and a Swish & Pop Blusher ( read the review on my Charlotte Tilbury blushes, here )…

Definitely a lot to try and definitely enough for some natural or smoky makeup looks, good to achieve that “weekend face” effortlessly.

The 5-Minute Face On-The-Go will be available starting next week, 11th of April and it retails for the price of 49£ / 69€.

For those of you that are a bit too impatient, it’s already available on preorder here, until midnight tonight!

You’re welcome!


Another new product coming out soon is the Legendary Brow, a brow definer with the tiniest brush and a special formulation, meant to give your eyebrow the most natural definition without that “Instagram brows” fake effect we’re seeing everywhere lately. If you don’t know what I mean, please check this post here! You’ll definitely have a good laugh!

This tiny brush, and the packaging itself, was designed to pick up the right amount of product and deposit it on the tiniest hairs you “had no idea they were there”! And who doesn’t want effortlessly natural, full and awesome eyebrows without looking like a clown?!

And the last Charlotte Tilbury product and the one I’m personally the most excited about, is The Legendary Lashes Mascara. I’m obsessed with mascara and if I choose not to wear makeup one day, I definitely apply at least a tiny coat of that and some lip balm and I’m ready to face the world!

The Legendary Lashes it has special waxes in it that will instantly give you the aspect of individually applied false lashes, but in the most natural way! It coats the lashes, it builds up the volume around them, forcing them to lift up and stay like that all day.

… At least that’s what it promises! And I have never used a Charlotte Tilbury product that didn’t honoured its promises this far! Anyway, I’m all after that “open-eye/bright awake” look, especially in certain mornings when sleep is not enough!

This mascara will be available from the 6th of May 2016 on.

Shh-Coming-Soon legendary lashes Charlotte Tilbury annie's beauty...

These are for now the new exciting launches Charlotte Tilbury worked on for the longest time and is now ready to delight us with!

What do you think? Which one caught your attention?

As always, thanks for reading!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie






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