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I meant to publish this article later, closer to the hot summer months, as everybody seems to realize they need protection from the basking sun rays around that time of the year … Nothing more wrong! You need protection from the sun all year round without exception!

But I’m not going to bore you with the whys and how-tos, since I already did that in a post I wrote a while back, that you can still read here and move on to the star of this review.

MADISON Luxury Perfumery Bucharest LAVENDER CULTURE Summer 2015 Eventanniesbeautyblog4

This above is a gift I received after attending a fabulous beauty blogger event at Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest at the end of last summer ( read more here ), that was centered around lavender. Hence the bouquet! I somehow managed to keep the products intact and the lavender bouquet as well until a few days ago when we went fishing!… And after the not too pleasant burning experience of last year’s fishing trip, when nothing saved my skin but the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, I definitely decided to prevent that from repeating, and put these Hampton Sun goodies to test!

Hampton Sun® is a complete line of luxury suncare, skincare and parfum products made with only the finest ingredients: vitamins, anti-oxidants and elements from the nature, a brand completely inspired by the high-life and the beautiful beaches of the Hamptons. Need more luxury than that?!

So I got the chance to try a few of their essentials:

  • the Hampton Sun’s Hydrating Aloe Mist – you know how much I love a face mist and this aloe one is so soothing, hydrating ( contains Vitamin E as well ) and refreshing, thanks to the mint extracts in it! The formula is oil-free and fragrance-free, and allows you to enjoy the benefits of its ingredients without any sticky residue left behind on skin.
  • Hampton Sun’s Luxe Sport SPF 35 Continuous Mist Sunscreen gives the benefits of a highly potent sunscreens in an unique, oil-free formula, feels light and silky on the skin, and absorbs instantly with no sticky film. Plus it has a hint of Hampton Sun’s signature Privet Bloom scent for “the perfect touch of sophistication”.
  • Hampton Sun’s SPF 30 Luxe Sport Lip Balm – is the ultimate luxury lip protection, made with amazing ingredients like: Vitamin A, Aloe, Pomegranate extract, Green tea, Cocoa butter, Cucumber extract, Calendula, Canadian Willow Bark, Seaweed extract, all put together to act as a shield against the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays ( the only lip protector I’ve used this far that offers double protection).

MADISON Luxury Perfumery Bucharest LAVENDER CULTURE Summer 2015 Eventanniesbeautyblog6

What I did to protect my skin was to reapply every other hour the Luxe Sport SPF 35 Continuous Mist Sunscreen on my face that I previously cleansed with my Hydrating Aloe Mist and some cotton pads, a little lip balm, and there was no trace of redness, burning, dryness, sore patches, peeling and all that “good stuff I was experiencing last year!

On my sensitive skin was a God-sent; I had no allergic reactions, and because is an oil-free formula the product didn’t clogged my pores causing breakouts either! My skin could breathe, felt hydrated, nourished and protected! Definitely recommend this brand, for as expensive as it might be!

What do you use to protect your skin, Beautiful? Please share your favourites!

See you soon!

xx, Annie



*products courtesy of Madison Luxury Perfumery Bucharest




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