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HEALTH annie's beauty... Tricks & Tips for Staying Fit and Motivated

Summer is just around the corner ( hopefully!? ) and around this time of the year is when I find my motivation to get fit, again… Not because I need a beach/bikini body for the next hot months, but simply because at the beginning of every spring I get lazy and forget how much I love to exercise…. And of course, the mesmerizing power of the chocolate from the triple choc chip cookies wins over all the will in the world!

So I find it appropriate to share with you today what I do to get back my healthy lifestyle I was telling you about in this post here.

  1. Keep a journal of your Fitness journey, where to write all the details that will help you keep under control everything you do: weight, meals – which you can also plan in advance, certain fitness programs if you’re into any, the days you’ve been working out, and exercises you did, days you haven’t, what you eat on a regular day and what you allow yourself to eat during your cheat day…
  2. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t see immediate results! And by no means Don’t quit! Allow your body to do its thing, on its own rhythm… My body, for instance, needs a good 10 to 14 days of intense and sustained effort to show changes! So at least two weeks of daily working out at the gym, lots of water and some delicious meals, will take quite some time to show up! Read about my healthy eating habits here.
  3. Think positive! See the best in your muscles are sore – that means that you’re doing your exercises well… In that plain water that often tastes like nothing, but it will help you cleanse your bossy of all those nasty toxins… Nobody stops you to spruce that a bit with a touch of lemon, or strawberries, or mint, or… whatever excites you taste buds! In those who make fun of your red face after you ran 8 km in the park or on the thread mill… They can’t understand and above all, they wouldn’t be able to keep up with you, not even for the half of your run! They’re probably like that in real life as well – they want but they cannot! You WANT and you CAN!
  4. Realize that you’re alone in this! The sooner you realize this, the better for you and your mental set. Because “you” are going to be your worst “enemy” yourself! Tired, lazy, greedy, the epitome of all the cravings you’ve ever had at the worst hours in the day!… This is you now!
  5. But don’t worry! Don’t be too harsh on you! You’re only human after all! Understand that it’s better to take “yourself” by the hand and have a treat ( cheat day )… both of you! Like that you won’t feel that food-guilt that often pushes people way too far, leading them to some serious health issues, and “yourself” won’t be able to laugh it’s fat a** at you anymore!

So, how many of you are you doing any of these above! What else are you doing that I’m not aware of? Please share everything you know in the Comments below!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie


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