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It’s been over two years since I first started blogging! I was as fresh and raw as a green apple in the apple tree! I knew nothing about it… About cameras and their features, about SEO, domains, statistics, broken links, media kits and whatnot… Everything I’ve learned, I’ve learned on my own, observing other blogs, and “stealing” their methods, adapting them to my own needs!

Today I want to share what I’ve learned this far with you and hopefully you’ll find this useful! 

[ TAKE NOTE! I’m no pro, these are only suggestions based on my own experience, to be followed if/when wanted/needed! ]

So, let’s see! Tricks and tips for improving your blog…

1) STOP asking people to follow your blog! Nobody wants to be forced into doing anything! This community is supportive especially with new bloggers anyway, so there’s no need to ask for more support when you’re already getting it for free…
2) FOLLOW BLOGS and BE CONSTANT in leaving likes and comments on their posts! A returning reader will receive the same treatment he offers!
3) constantly IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY! It’s the only “place” where you can be as creative as you can, so don’t waste that opportunity on bad lighting and poor composition!
4) HAVE A CLEAR, CLEAN, COHERENT and COHESIVE exprimation! Although they always happen, grammar mistakes and misspellings are’t the prettiest! And such mistakes will definitely prevent your posts from showing up in searching engines lists… You know, the good old Google and its mates… Especially a badly written title, or a long one!… Also, make sure you fit your ideas in no more than 500 words, if possible… More gets slightly boring, and most readers cross-read your posts anyway!
5) DON’T use too many links; avoid as much as you can broken links, unspecified domains, pages that give error codes, etc. …
6) DON’T cling on to numbers! You’ll miss all the fun!
7) BE CREATIVE with your posts! Try to diversify your content but make sure you remain faithful to your niche!
8) SET your TARGETS before you even start blogging: what you’re writing about ( choose carefully your niche ), who you’re addressing to, the age of those you want to read your posts ( and all such factors ) and stick to that! You can’t write today about the most expensive lipstick on the planet and about diswashing machines the next day!… You know what I mean?!
9) DON’T SPAM the inboxes of brands with emails asking for free stuff, collaborations, especially paid ones… Be patient and constant with your posts and they will reach you, you’ll see!
10) POST REGULARLY and at least 2 to 3 times a week! If you have not that much time, use the Scheduling feature that comes for free with our platform, WordPress… Like that you can take your photos and write posts whenever you can, schedule them and they will go up whenever it suits you… Changes into the scheduling program can be done at any time!

And a BONUS no 11) and the most important – ENJOY WHAT YOU DO! It will show up in your posts even if you don’t put a lot of effort into!

This is what worked for me! I’m waiting for your suggestions in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading, Beautiful…

And see you soon!

xx, Annie




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