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annie's beauty... DANIEL WELLINGTON

Welcome to annie’s beauty…!

My name is Annie and I’m the beauty editor behind this blog!

I will start by making it clear that the ideas expressed here are MY OWN, NOT INFLUENCED or PAYED to be written like this by ANYONE. Thoughts and views are always honest and based on my personal experience with the products reviewed.

Keep in mind thought, that whatever might work wonders for me might not work for anyone else. So before you splurge on something featured here, feel free to go in depth with your research, and ALWAYS ask for samples!

Most of the products featured on annie’s beauty… were purchased with my own money but, from time to time, I’m fortunate enough to have the possibility to try and to write about some products which were sent by brands or companies for consideration. 

I’m also blessed with some amazingly loving friends, who – for whatever reason – decided that I deserve to receive little gorgeous gifts from them.

Nevertheless, annie’s beauty… is NOT OBLIGED under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to feature on this blog the products mentioned above whether they were purchased, sent from companies or gifts.

If featured, such items will be distinctively marked with a ( * ) and acknowledged the sender!

Also the links used in annie’s beauty… blog posts ARE NOT affiliate links.

All the photographic material featured in my blog posts are taken by the author therefore they are property of annie’s beauty… . So please, RESPECT and CREDIT my work!

The images used in some blog posts that don’t belong to me will also be marked with ( * ) and kindly given credits for to their rightful owners!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie

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