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… This is what I’m doing with mine! 

Empty Diptyque candle anniesbeautyblog

You all know how much love Diptyque candles get in this household. And I’m not only talking about those gorgeous home scents, but the beautiful packaging as well.

I used to have jars in different sizes scattered all over my place and because I was getting too attached to some of them, I was keeping those in their original boxes! EMPTY that is! #hoarder much!?

… Until one day when I had to move house and had no room for junk, so “that” needed to go away. And so it did!

At the moment, the only empty candle that I have is this Baies travel size that came in a set of three ( see full post on it, here ) and I will show you how you can reuse it after all the wax is consumed.

First I clean the remaining wax by putting it under hot running water ( I prefer this method because I have to wash the jar anyway and the warm water does an excellent job! ), then I go in with an abrasive kitchen sponge and some dishwasher detergent ( taking care not to wet the label too much ), rinse it well and wipe off all the excess water with a clean cotton towel.

Now that our jar is clean, I will give you some ideas on what to use it for:

  • to hold your nick-nacks, those pesky little things that always tend to disappear… like hair grips, hair ties or as pictured, cotton buds
  • to hold your makeup brushes
  • as a vase – these look lovely in pictures, you must’ve seen them all over Instagram and Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY post and please tell me what happens to your empty candle jars!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie


But before you go, please make sure you read this: 

Since October is the

#breastcancerawareness month,

this is my little tribute to all those who are fighting this terrible disease and to those close to them who are going through a difficult time as well!

So please my beautiful ladies, go check your breasts at least once a year! It’s for your own good!

And also make sure that you spread the awareness! Sharing is caring! 

Why not living in a healthier world, right?!

It’s entirely up to us! 

Empty Diptyque candle anniesbeautyblog

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