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Probably one of the most luxurious indulgences all-across our beauty community, the Diptyque candles are the perfect balance between the most beautiful white-clean wax and the most original scents, categorized according to undertones such as floral, herbal/woody, or fruity which are all inspired by nature, memory or journeys of their creators.

They come in a large variety of shapes and forms like this convenient set of 3 scented seasonal candles: Baies, Figuier and Roses ( 3X70g ), which can easily make a great gift for a special someone or even to yourself, or at least to add a little visual and sensorial character to any room…



Family: Fruity

Notes: rose and black currant leaves, black currant fruits and ambregris

Olfactory Description:

The scent of this candle can be described best as the most beautiful English Garden, where the sound of the soft wind through the petals is combined – to the ultimate stage of perfection – with the flavours of the delicious berries.

A natural combination of scents, wild, original, rarely encountered in the world of the perfumiers… Yes, a bouquet of roses and blackcurrant leaves!… The irresistible freshness of recently picked roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves…

This is Baies – the most sophisticate Diptyque scent.



Family: Fruity

Notes: fig wood, leaves, and sap

Olfactory Description:

The warmth of fig wood, the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap… Close your eyes and you’ll discover that this candle is everything you’d imagine Fig to be and more!…

Wooded and racy, the nourishing accents from its bark and luxuriant foliage envelop the whole scent making out of Figuier a souvenir from a holiday spent on the Pelion Mountain, from Thessaly, in the sunny Greece.



Family: Floral

Notes: roses

Olfactory Description:

An armful of tender, mood-changing roses that lightly evoke world’s most universally loved flowers, in a sophisticate olfactory ambiance. Not overpowering feminine and floral, enriched with grown up, musky, sophisticate, manly, elegant notes this is a candle meant to be tolerated by both men and women.

It represents the perfect balance between the all mighty roses, the tasty lychee, woody notes and the balmy notes of honey, everything spiced up with a tinge of fiery pepper.


And since we’re taking small, shy steps into the long-awaited Spring season, I’ve tried my best at least to mimic the scent of Spring with the precious help of this Seasonal Diptyque Candle Set.

What home scents spice up your days and nights this Spring? Please share!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie






– all Diptyque scents are created to compliment eachother in the most beautiful way possible. Baies makes a perfect companion for Diptyque Eau de Toilette L’Ombre dans l’Eau, Figuier prolongs the pleasure of Philosykos Eau de Toilette and so on… The amazing combinations are countless!…

– the perfumes can be layered as well as the candle scents. So feel free to light up all the Diptyque candles you like at once! I guarantee you the final result is mesmerising!

Baies is Diptyque’s best selling candle