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Today I’m bringing you the second part of my Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows mini-series, one where I present you two amazing earthy-brown shades, unique and of exceptional quality, as all things Burberry.

Here you have the Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows in #02 Almond and #23 Dark Sable.

And if you missed out on the first part of this collection, here you have the link to some gorgeous nudes.


#06 Almond is another subtle amazing colour from the Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow range that it is the most appropriate for those who are looking for a natural, no fuss, everyday makeup look.

It is a lovely medium brown shade, with some warm golden undertones and the most discreet, finest sheen ever that doesn’t even translate to the eyelid.

It is one of the most versatile eyeshadows in my collection! I used it by itself,   all-over the lid for a quick look, blended out, layered for a deeper look… and as a bronzer! Yes, my fair skin allowed me to use it to define and warm up my face a little, without overreacting though because I was afraid it might turn too orange on me! I wore it the most as it is meant to be used, as an eyeshadow, paired with #02 Trench, from the same Burberry Sheer range, for a soft neutral look.


As you can see it is really pigmented, but it can be easily sheered out. In the picture above you have it swatched heavily to see it at its best next to a couple more shades from my collection that I think they look really similar!

A you can see the colour #2 Enhance from the Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate Palette is a bit warmer than Almond. MAC‘s Cork is the closest in colour and finish if you ask me, because I can sense the same warmth and a bit of sheen in both. And there is Wedge which is a bit colder, with ever so slightly taupe-ish undertones, but pretty close to Almond as well.


Next I have another gorgeous earthy-toned eyeshadow, #23 Dark Sable.

Dark Sable is a gorgeous dark cool brown shade, and compared to Almond this one has, without any doubt a matte finish. It might don’t look like too much in the pan, but this is one of those colours that blends so beautifully and effortlessly, and I sure hope you can also detect the slight khaki and olive-green undertones of this eyeshadow, that makes it so different from all the browns I own in my collection. It is the perfect colour to add some depth to any look and to transform it from day to night.


And as you can easily see, I have quite a few browns to compare it with!

From all the shades here I find it to be the closest in colour and finish to Charlotte Tilbury The Sophisticate #3 Smoke and MAC‘s Espresso, only that Espresso has more warm undertones to it! When blended, By Terry Brown Perfection turns out to be pretty similar in colour, but the shimmering finish of that one will blow you away for sure. That’s not the case with Dark Sable though. NARS Cordura Eyeshadow Duo has a deep brown pretty similar when it transfers on the lids to Dark Sable, but with little specs of gorgeous, holographic glitters. And another option would be the deep brown colour from the Dior 5 Colours Palette #609 Earth Reflexion, which is basically the same colour in a satin finish.

As I said in my previous post, My BURBERRY Sheer Eyeshadows. Part I: Pretty Nudes – #02 Trench and #22 Pale Barley – review, swatches, comparisons and dupes these eyeshadows are made of a soft, finely mild powder that literally adheres to the lid with just one touch of the brush! I definitely advise you to tap the excess when using darker colours, like Dark Sable though!

What do you think about these two shades beautiful? Have you used any Burberry Sheers until now, or those new formula eyeshadows they came up with at the beginning of this year ( see review on those new ones I own this far here )?

What dupes would you recommend for Almond and Dark Sable?

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie