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I know! I know!… The By Terry Cellularose® SS2014 Collection was released several months ago. But, hey, the Hydra-Radiance Aqua Blush is a product for Spring and Summer… and for any time the of year, if you want to! It is a versatile product and I know I will use it whenever I will feel like! And next I am going to tell you why…


The By Terry Cellularose® Blush Glacé is a quenching blush thanks to an ultra-fresh gel texture which looks like a marshmallow ( it has more of a gel-like consistency, bouncy and concentrated at the same time ). It flushes your cheeks with a cool burst of watercolour for a long-wearing healthy glow. It smooths the complexion and protects the skin giving light transparent coverage, similar to a radiance veil. A satiny finish with a vitamin-packed glow!

It contains White Rose Native Cells for a radiance effect, ultra-hydrating phospholipids for a soothing and refreshing effect, Vitamin E for extra-protection and “cello-sheer” pearlescent pigments ( boron, nylon and polyamide microspheres ) to give you radiance and a silky effect to your cheeks.


It is available in three shades: #1 Rose Melba, #2 Flower Sorbet and #3 Frozen Petal. I’m pale that is why I chose the #1, Rose Melba. It adds a real, but discrete warmth and even a glow to my rather pale face.

Ignore the cheesy descriptions in the picture above! Although I have to agree with those on one thing: the “retro pink” Rose Melba is delicious indeed! It almost looks like a candy in its little matte glass pot!


By Terry Cellularose® Hydra-Radiance Aqua Blush #1 Rose Melba, one swatch ( left picture ) and heavily swatched ( right picture ), in daylight

“Stretches as much as necessary in an aquarelle blend” and you will only need the tiniest amount to put on your cheeks. It is also easily buildable in case you want a statement blush for your cheeks and not only a flush of colour. It blends very well with your foundation and it will last you through out the day!

It has a strong rose scent, which at times can be overpowering.

I used to apply this blush with my fingers until I was recommended to use a stippling brush. The one I’m currently using is possibly the cheapest brush in my collection, an E.L.F. Studio Small Stipple Brush. I like it because it has small, stiff yet soft synthetic hairs which will pick up the right amount of product and will blend it like a dream into your foundation. This little brush works wonders with all my cream products! And until my Hakuhodo order arrives, this little fellow does an amazing job! ( update: my Hakuhodo‘s did arrived; see the review on my eye brush collection here )

photo_2 – the light is a bit crappy, but hopefully you can see Rose Melba on my cheeks

On my face:

By Terry Sheer-Expert Fluid Foundation, #7 Vanilla Beige

By Terry Hyaluronic-Hydra Powder, previously reviewed here

– By Terry Cellularose® Hydra-Radiance Aqua Blush, #1 Rose Melba

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel #10 Black Mascara

By Terry Baume de Rose IP/SPF 15, on my lips

Right now By Terry has all of her products discounted. The promotion goes on the By Terry website, but also on other retailers like SpaceNK.

So happy shopping, beautiful!

See you soon!

xx, Annie