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I am a big fan of simple makeup! There are days when I use only the basics: some powder ( By Terry Hyaluronic-Hydra Powder, reviewed here ), some bronzer ( Guerlain Teracotta Light, #04 Sun Blondes – my favourite bronzer at the moment ), a flush of blush ( By Terry Cellularose® Blush Glacé, #1 Rose Melba – I wrote a full review on this one last week, link here)… But I feel that my makeup is incomplete if I do not have my lashes on. And I am not talking about falsies! Being the lazy, two-left-handed-person I am, putting false lashes on turns out to be a real adventure! So I’m saving those for special occasions!


Anyway… Here is what I do to look human in the morning! Base applied I follow this simple technique, I saw my favourite Wayne Goss doing a demo on:

Step I: with my eyelash curler of choice ( at the moment, I enjoy using the new Shu Uemura S-curler, because it allows me to control the areas where I want my lashes to be more curled ) I clamp the lash at their base and give them several squeezes.

Step II. It is as easy as the first one! All you need to do is to recurl them! But you have to make sure you get all the lashes ( … and, as less skin as possible… preferably none! ), then squeeze and lift your eyelash curler handle upwards and push it in like I did in the picture. Make sure not to press too hard because you will be left with marks from the eyelash curler onto your skin!

photo 4 – this is how you should position your curler!

You can see already, in the next picture, what big of a difference curling your lashes like this makes! And because now the lashes are so curled and you had pushed them in during this technique, the lashes are getting really long that there is a chance your mascara will transfer on your eyelids, when you will apply it. So be careful with that!

It is safe to repeat this technique until you are pleased with how your lashes look – as long as you do not squeeze too hard to make your poor lashes come off!

photo 5 – left eye – eyelashes curled Step I and II

You can see in the pictures below, since I don’t have much makeup on, that the the one standing out is the eye I curled my lashes with this technique and applied the mascara ( Burberry Efortless Mascara, in #01 Midnight Black ). The whole eye looks so open!

For an even more awaken eye, what I like to do is to take a black kohl ( I pretty much enjoy this YSL Dessin du Regard Eye Pencil Waterproof, in #01 Black Velvet at the moment ) and place it in my tideline. Tidelining is a step I thought it was useless until I first tried it ( on Lisa Elridge recommendation, obviously! ). Now that I saw the amazing full lashes effect it gives and how it intensifies the look, it turned into a must in my makeup routine, even for a simple eye makeup look.

photo 1

– left eye: eyelashes curled, mascara on, tidelined, nude eyeliner in the waterline

Another trick I am not leaving the house without is to highlight the inner corners of the eye ( any highlighting eyeshadow would be just fine, today I used MAC‘s Blank Type ). And because my eyes tend to look perpetually tired and irritated I choose to add a nude eyeliner in my waterline ( I used the Collistar Professional Eye-Lip Pencil, in colour Butter ).

Here is the final result for a better comparison!


Do you have any particular method to curl your lashes? Please share!

See you soon, beautiful!

xx, Annie!