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I’ve been enjoying these Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks for quite a while now, but I somehow never thought to write a proper review on them! Why?! – I have no idea! But here I am now, correcting that mistake!

These were launched somewhere at the beginning of last year ( February – March, I can’t remember clearly! ), in 21 shades that include various shades from beiges to pinks to corals and plums. I only(?!) have them in five shades, that much I love them: #130 Intense Nude, #210 Implusive, #240 Tumultous Pink, #330 Impassioned and #450 Insolent Plum – my favorite name and shade.



These lipsticks are one of the creamiest I have ever tried on, therefore they glide on effortlessly, covering evenly every part of your lip. They feel so soft and smooth though, like velvet: sensual and luxuriously comfortable. They saturate your lips with high-intensity colour in just one pass. The final result will be lips that look beautifully shaped, sculpted, curvaceous thanks to the multi-faceted pigments in their formulation, that coat your lips in the most beautiful pigmented colours. They also keep your lips continuously hydrated throughout the day, with a patented Time-released Moisture Complex that helps capture and seal-in hydration, adding the softest glossiness finish to the whole look. They wear for a couple of hours without feathering or settling into the creases of your lips, and tend to fade evenly as well.


Colour description and swatches:

#130 Intense Nude was along with Impulsive one of my first picks ( no surprise there, right!? ) but I’ve never had the chance to wear any of them yet ( Nope! Don’t ask!… ). It’s that lovely brownish-nude Kylie Jenner-like colour, that made everybody go nuts a couple of months back!

#210 Implusive is also a beautiful nude, lighter than Intense Nude!…

But, with your permission, I will leave the rest of the review on these two nudes for another post ( here ), another one for the Loving Nudes Series, move on and focus on…

#240 Tumultous Pink. This is the perfect colour for those with really pigmented lips, to pair with a relaxed, everyday outfit – the jeans, white tee and a pair of heels kind of look! It’s in a way similar to Insolent Plum but lighter and rosier, and the pink in it leans more bright, more of a proper fuchsia. But the cooler, blue undertones in it are similar to those in Insolent Plum for sure.

image image

# 330 Impassioned is one of the reds I really loved wearing at this winter’s parties. It’s a gorgeous bright orange-red, with warm undertones and a soft shine. Not the most unique colour, as I have another 6(?!?!?!)  red lipsticks that are really similar to it. Umm… Yeah! See for yourself in this post here.

I wore Impassioned in this post here.

#450 Insolent Plum is – as I already told you, my favourite of them all. And my most worn! It’s a fabulous deep, rich, purple berry shade, with cool undertone – intense and and gloriously plummy! An excellent option to wear in the colder months!

You can see swatches of Insolent Plum in this post here.


They come in this beautiful, signature packaging, a lacquered deep blue and gold case, with the name of the brand embossed on the top of the lid and on the inside as well! It closes with one of those satisfactory, luxurious, magnetic clicks…

image – image source Pinterest


Overall thoughts:

I absolutely adore the formulation of these! They’re so, so easy to apply and not drying on the lips, and the color pay-off is also amazing! So is the lasting power! Definitely recommend them!

Lusting after

… that new and Limited Edition Kendall Jenner x Estée Lauder Matte Red they came out with last month! It’s called Restless and it’s the perfect balance between a poppy red and orange. Excellent for the hot Summer nights! Too bad it’s an online available only!


Have you tried any of these Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks yet? How do you find them?

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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