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NARS Cordura – an eyeshadow duo you’d be rushed to judge as a rather difficult product to work with… I know I did, the first time I saw it! And that’s been the main reason it sat for almost a year in the back of my drawer, waiting patiently for me to grow up and finally show it some love!

And that’s exactly what I’m doing in this post!

NARS Cordura anniesbeautyblog

Cordura is a beautiful Duo Eyeshadow made of a medium golden-brown shade, with warm undertones and a complimentary cooler-toned, rich, chocolate-brown, both with golden shimmers in them – visible when swatched, but when applied on the lids the shimmer only gives dimension to the whole look, stopping it from looking flat and average.

The texture of these eyeshadows is soft enough to allow them to be blended out to the intensity you want your look to have, but you need to be careful when you apply them because the pigmentation and depth of both shades is simply insanely rich!

You also might want to take into consideration the fact that with both shades I’ve experienced enough fall out to make me use the the tissue “trick” when applying/blending them, which might be a minus for many of you as well.

NARS Cordura anniesbeautyblog

The “lighter” side of the Duo is a shade that, for as much as I tried, I wasn’t able to find dupes for in my entire collection. And in all honesty, this was the shade that kind of put me off in the first place! But to my surprise it’s more wearable than I would’ve expected it to be, especially at this time of the year when earthy tones are my absolute favourites… Maybe because my eye sees a bit of copper in it too!?… I don’t know! Maybe it’s just me!…

Anyway, I find this shade a bit too dramatic for daytime on me and I’m kind of limited to use it for a smokey eye, evening look! Not that I complain much!… But I definitely think that it would make a fantastic all over the lid colour for any of you medium to darker skin-toned ladies out there, at any time of the day and all year round!

NARS Cordura anniesbeautyblog

In comparison with Cordura‘s lighter counterpart, the “deeper” shade is more versatile and easier to work with! It can be used for a sultry, smokey brown eye – as an accent… Plus, it makes an excellent eyeshadow to be used wet for lining your upper lids instead of your usual liquid liner! It’s beautiful used for the “I’m-in-a-hurry-one-shadow-eye-look”, those mornings when you overslept… You know what I mean! 

This Duo plays well with other eyeshadows I already have in my collection… And we all know by now how many nude and earthy-toned eyeshadows I already own! So the possibilities are countless! 

Did I talked you into Cordura just yet? What do you think about it?

Thank you for reading and as always…

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie




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Side note:

Please forgive the lack of swatches for this one – the lighting was awful, to say the least! But I will make up to you for this little inconvenient with a FOTD soon! 

So expect to see more Autumn colours on my following posts!