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Today, as you can see, I decided to take a break from reviewing all those magnificent dark, bold, sultry lipsticks… And since Miss Winter is just around the corner, I thought what better time than now to talk about one of my favourite home scents. It comes in the form of a fragranced candle, it’s from Burberry and it’s called Smokey Embers.

*Yes! Besides those iconic trenches, shawls, makeup and perfume, Burberry does home scents as well! And you have no idea what you’ve missed on!*

My absolute favourite candle to burn around the holidays has been for the past couple of years was Bibliothèque from Byredo, which I can’t wait to burn this year as well. It smells like smoke and old books and old, used leather… Delicious!

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I discovered Smoked Embers last year while I was writing my “Last minute gift guide for Christmas”. Of course I was blindly ordering it from their website as I usually do! But I wasn’t disappointed this time either…

It’s perfect candle to recreate “the mood of an English fireside afternoon”, filled with relaxation and quality time spent with the family. The warm cozy notes of patchouli, birch tar and guiac wood compliment each other in the most harmonious way and they’ll fill your whole house with the most peaceful atmosphere.

This is a single wicked candle, with a white beeswax base, presented in a transparent glass holder “with honey-coloured twill paper inspired by the unique gabardine texture of the Burberry Heritage Trench. The candle’s label references the inner label of the iconic coat.”

To prolong it’s freshness you can top it with this gold metal lid it comes with. It contains 200g of product which is set to burn for 40-50 hours. Since I had several other options, I still have a generous amout to burn this year as well.


The presentation is amazing, as Burberry had us used with! So this would make an excellent, luxurious gift.

This particular scent is not available on their website at the moment, but I’m sure they will restock it soon. But if you’re on a hunt for a woody, cosy, warm scented candle there is another option – the Fire Embers Fragranced Candle.


I’m still waiting for another candle in the mail, from a brand I’ve always wanted to try, NEOM. Fingers crossed it will be as awesome as all m candle picks this far!

What’s your favourite candle to burn in the Winter time? Please let me know in the comments below! I’m taking notes, as always!

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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