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5 Bright Lipsticks for Spring 2016 1

We’re hardly seeing signs of spring these days in Romania, with the cold and dreary weather we’re having outside, but I just happen to have the cure for that! No, I can’t bring you warm and bright weather, but I still can brighten your sight with some of the most beautiful lipsticks in my collection.

Cheers for bright lipstick, cheers for spring and warm weather that’s excellent for wearing them! Let’s just hope we’ll have that soon as well!

5 Bright Lipsticks for Spring 2016 2

My picks will contain some old favourites as well as a new one I only wore a couple of times and I love already and an honourable mention, which is not pictured here by mistake, but it’s definitely an amazing choice!

  1. the BURBERRY Lip Glow in Mallow Pink No.19 – you must’ve seen me talking about this one every single spring ( and summer) since I started blogging, because it’s simply one of my favourites. It’s bright, it’s pink, it’s glossy, fresh and young, and I will probably wear it this year as well… although *whispers* I might definitely need to throw it away and get me a new one! *wink*
  2. CHARLOTTE TILBURRY K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Fallen From The Lipstick Tree in Coachella Coral it’s a bright and happy peachy pink colour, that will put a colour instantly on your face. I’ve been in doubt wether to choose Coachella Coral or to go for the MATTE Revolution Lost Cherry… I settled for Coachella Coral, but for the sake of Lost Cherry which I absolutely adore, I will call it my honourable mention.
  3. NARS Audacious Lipstick MICHIYO. My girl Michiyo is the boldest and brightest of them all! A statement lip, that’s what I can say when wearing it! A cooll toned fuchsia pink, in the most amazing creamy-matte formulation you’ll ever have the chance to try. Definitely recommend it!
  4. the TOM FORD Patent Finish Lip Color 07 Erotic has the whole sensuality and grace of the Tom Ford brand concentrated in this little product here. Extremely glossy, so soft on the lips, not tacky at all, gives your lips the most “erotic” colour, I’m sure you’ll find it so hard to resist to! ( The review on this one will be up soon, so keep your eyes away from Erotic and point them at annie’s beauty…! Haha! )
  5. and the last choice it had to be a red of course… But not any red! Away from all those winter/festive and deep/autumn reds, now I need a bright red with some not exaggerated orange undertones in it to cheer me up, especially on a gloomy day!… And like the perfect gentleman the CHANEL Rouge Coco 440 Arthur took its name after, here you have it to save the day. Merci Monsieur!

And we’re up to 5 already!

What do you think of my picks? Did they cheer you up a little? Please cheer me up as well, and share your favourites in the Comments below!

Have a bright and happy day/week, Beautiful! Stay positive no matter what and…

See you soon!

xx, Annie




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