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How gorgeous Tom Ford Lipsticks are it’s not a secret to anyone anymore.

The extremely sensual shades, that satisfactory closing click you hear every time you finish applying it ( which I think it’s pretty much the same feeling men have when they get the chance to close the door of the latest Maseratti release ), the envious glances you inevitably get when you casually(!) reach for your lipstick out of your bag… Mister Tom Ford got us used to all that now!… and there’s no way back!

IMG_1093 copy

Tom Ford Lipstick #11 Crimson Noir is a gorgeous deep red with blue undertones but it’s not that kind of a deep burgundy-red I expected it to be because of its name ( crimson: which usually goes for a deep or vivid red colour and noir: which obviously stands for “black”, in French ).

On the first swipe it goes on more like a pinky-red, which is gorgeous worn for the “stain” effect, but I like to wear it in full-force and it is still the most wearable red in my entire collection.

IMG_1092 copy

Unlike my other Tom Ford Lipsticks, Crimson Noir has the softest hint of shimmer which only gives the most natural glossiness to my lips. I’m not the biggest gloss wearer, but at this time of the year I really find myself gravitating towards such luminous colours. It’s the festive season lovelies! What better time to wear glossy reds than this?!

IMG_1095 copy

It is incredibly smooth and hydrating because it contains a lot of really moisturizing and lip conditioning ingredients which makes it creamy and not drying at all ( read more about the ingredients here ).

Even though it’s really creamy it has a lot of pigmentation and amazing lasting power. The wear time goes up to 5, even 6 hours ( probably the longest I get from all my red lipsticks ) and the colour is still there even after having a meal. When it starts to fade, you’ll only realize that the lipstick looses it’s luminosity; most part of the pigment it’s still there, even if you’re not using a lip liner underneath.

IMG_1096 copy – yeah! it was a red lips, messy hair and cozy grey sweater kind of day…

IMG_1088 copy

Here you have all my Tom Ford Lispticks to date ( Sheers not included! ), and all of them are reviewed here on anniesbeautyblog.com if you want to have a good read…

From right to left we have: #13 Blush Nude, #07 Pink Dusk, #11 Crimson Noir and the latest addition #15 Wild Ginger.

9 more days until Christmas, Beautiful! Who’s counting with me?

See you soon!

xx, Annie



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