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Another week, another update on the Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Collection!


These lipsticks were my favourite lately but they aren’t everyone’s favourite formula! Most people who like the really pigmented, saturated with colour and highly opaque Tom Ford Lip Color original lipsticks, might be a little disappointed after trying these because they are, as their name suggests, a sheer product.

To be completely honest with you, it took me quite a long time as well to justify splurging on these… Until I got my first one that is! My first pick was #02 Smitten, followed closely by the beautiful, everyday nude #05 Bare, both previously reviewed on this little blog.

And with new colours incased in the beautiful ivory and gold special, limited edition, they come with every summer, I knew I couldn’t say no to them anymore and grabbed whatewer shades I found available online.

So, here you have the Tom Ford Sheer Lip Color in #09 Skinnydip and #10 Rose Soleil!


#09 Skinnydip is more if a peachy colour with pink undertones to it. You can clearly see how the gold shimmers in it transfer on the lips… There’s no need of a close up because they’re obvious! This was the only colour out of the four that came up with this collection that I had second thoughts about! And it was precisely because of these glitters that give your lips more of a metallic sheen rather than a touch of colour.


But the more I wore it, the more I liked it! And with a bit of a tan on, this looks absolutely, effortlessly fabulous, even with a semi-sheer coverage and the actual product that feels a little “thin” in consistency than any other Tom Ford Sheer that I own!


#10 Rose Soleil can be described as a semi-sheer, soft plummy colour with warm brown undertones and holographic glitters, not as obvious on the lips as the ones in Skinnydip though. They are easily seizable on the bullet due to the deepness of the colour and in certain lights appear more of a muted gold and more pink. I love them as a  final touch as they give your lips a diffused, ethereal shine.


On my pigmented lips it translates as this beautiful rosy colour with an extra-something added by the soft, shiny finish I mentioned earlier.

These two new shades are simply amazing for the Summer, even Rose Soleil that I initially thought it is more of an Autumn shade! But no, it works as well this time of the year too due to those magical shiny particles in it!


They both create a lovely luminous look, they brighten up your complexion, they make your lips look fuller and plumped. They are also a little bit more moisturising than the other Tom Ford lipsticks I own ( see some of them here, here and here ) and they are definitely the most low maintenance ones from their entire lipstick range, excellent for an on-the-go application! 

I definitely recommend them both, although I’m aware that they’re not for everyone!

What do you think about them lovely? Have you tried them yet?

See you soon, Beautiful!

xx, Annie



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  • Rose Soleil was the shade worn by the model Daphne Groeneveld in all the ad campaign posters and videos