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Mirage vs Meteore annie's beauty...

My history with Chanel and Dior is a beautiful and long one! These were the first luxury makeup brands that I got my first items from, when I seriously started to be interested in makeup! Still love them, I’m still getting products from them on a regular basis… Mostly from their Limited Collections, which nowadays come out with some absolutely fabulous collector’s items! Fellow beauty bloggers, you definitely know that nobody does Limited Editions like Chanel!!!

Anyway, long story short, what I see and like from Chanel and Dior it’s most likely to take home with me! Same happened with these two items: the Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono in 661 Météore and the infamous Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in 95 Mirage.

When the Dior Fusion Mono‘s first came out on the market, the Chanel Illusion d’Ombres rulled the “eyeshadows-in-pot” game! They were such an wow!-product… Creamy, pigmented, easily blendable, long lasting and in some colours that it would have been extremely difficult not to take them all home with you!… Good news, they still are!

But, knowing me he way you do by now, of course I had to buy the safest colour in the range Mirage! Read the full story and how I ended up getting Mirage, here! Little did I knew that I already had at home this lovely Météore which makes an excellent dupe for it!


  • the most obvious is the packaging: same glass pots, with black lids and the logo of the brand on top
  • both come with applicators no one uses
  • both come in this beautiful to work with gel-like, bouncy, cushion-y formula
  • both pigmented – the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre beats Dior on this by just a bit, since with just one swipe of Mirage you can do your entire eye makeup, when with Météore you need to dip your finger more than once in the pot ( yes, I do find easier the finger application with all my cream eyeshadows, then I use a blending brush to finish the job! )
  • both easily blendable with both fingers and blending brushes
  • both quite sheer but buildable
  • Météore swiped once shows up more glitter than Mirage if swatched on the hand, but when layered on the lid it just shows up more of a sheen than a glitter
  • both eyeshadows need to be worked with quite fast, but once the Illusion d’Ombre sets is there to last the whole day, even on the oiliest of lids, when the lasting time of the Fusion Mono is less by comparison
  • Mirage is more of a taupe-ish deep bronze with warm undertones, when Météore is brighter ( due to its golden glitters ), more copper-y and with a more obvious glitter ( see swatching comparisons with other similar colours in my collection here ). The difference on the lids is barely noticeable though!
  • Mirage is softer and squish-ier than Météore, which makes it a bit easier to work with
  • neither of the two dried out, as I expected them to… Especially the Chanel Mirage – the Illusion d’Ombre being well known and hated for irremediably drying out!
  • both make excellent eye makeup bases

Strange enough, even though it’s more glittery than Mirage, I find myself reaching out more for Météore! It’s safe to say though that for a good couple of months I used nothing but Mirage on my lids!… Then a little detour happened… Something called Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury!… And stopped using both! 


I think that both are gorgeous everyday shades, have excellent quality and they’re so easy to work with, even for us non-professionals!

Do you own any of these? Have you tried the Chanel Illusion d’Ombre yet? What about the Dior Fusion Mono?

I hope you enjoyed this comparison/dupe post, Beautiful and found it useful!

See you soon!

xx, Annie





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